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17 young people between 17 and 28 years old, hungry for work and sun, experiencing days full of variety in lovely Parfour s/Odon, southwest of Caen

to the youth page of the Association of Baltic Noble Corporations.

Discover here the many activities available for those between 8 and 30 years of age. Look at What's On? to see upcoming activities such as working holidays, meetings, and balls. Click on What's Happened? if you want to look at photographs and reports about recent events . You can read longer reports in the Youth Insert of the Association's Newsletter (Nachrichtenblatt). Questions or suggestions concerning these programs can be found at Who Is Planning? If you want to understand why many young people have decided to take an active role in our Association, look at What's Up? To learn more on this topic, you should sign up for one of the upcoming working holidays.

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