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The genealogist's foremost tasks are to maintain the registers of the flourishing member families of the Courlandic Noble Corporation, to support families in establishing their genealogy for publication in the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels (Genealogical Handbook of German Nobility), and to research and establish the genealogies of extinct families.

Family registers
Publications in the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels


Family registers


For the following families still flourishing in the male line who have been matriculated in the Courlandic roll of nobility, or their Courlandic branches, respectively, a family register has been established by the Noble Corporation's genealogist and is maintained by him:

1. Albedyll, von
  2. Altenbockum, von
  3. Ascheberg, Baron
  4. Bach, von
  5. Bagge af Boo, Baron
  6. Behr, Baron
  7. Bienenstamm, von
  8. Bilderling, Baron
  9. Biron v. Curland, Prinz
10. Bistram, Baron
11. Blomberg, Baron
12. Boetticher, von
13. Bönninghausen gen. Budberg, Baron
14. Borch, Graf
15. Brincken, Baron
16. Broel gen. Plater, Plater-Syberg, Graf

17. Brüggen, Baron
18. Buchholtz, Baron
19. Castell-Rüdenhausen, Graf
20. Derschau, Baron
21. Drachenfels, Baron
22. Düsterlohe, Baron
23. Engelhardt, Baron
24. Fircks, Baron
25. Fölkersam, Baron
26. Freytag gen. Löringhoff, Baron
27. Funck, Baron
28. Grandidier, von
29. Grotthuss, Baron
30. Haaren, Baron
31. Hahn, Baron
32. Hamme gen. Schoeppingk, Baron op dem
33. Heyking, Baron
34. Hoerner, von
35. Hoiningen gen. Huene, Baron
36. Holtey, Baron
37. Howen, Baron
38. Keyserling(k), Graf, Baron
39. Kleist, Baron
40. Klopmann, Baron
41. Knigge, Frhr.
42. Komorowski, Graf
43. Korff gen. Schmiesing, Baron
44. Koskull, Graf, Baron
45. Lambsdorff, Graf
46. Launitz, von der
47. Lieven, Fürst, Baron
48. Lüdinghausen gen Wolff, Baron
49. Lysander, von
50. Manteuffel gen. Szoege, Baron
51. Medem, Graf, Baron
52. Mirbach, Baron
53. Nettelhorst, Baron
54. Nolcken, Baron
55. Nolde, Mahrenholtz-Nolde, Baron
56. Oelsen, Baron
57. Orgies gen. Rutenberg, Baron
58. Offenberg, Baron
59. Osten-Sacken, Baron
60. Pahlen, Graf
61. Raczynski, Graf
62. Rahden, Baron
63. Recke, Baron
64. Reutern-Nolcken, Graf R.-Baron N.
65. Römer, von, de u. Romer
66. Roenne, Baron
67. Ropp, Baron
68. Rosenberg, Baron
69. Rummel, von
70. Schlippenbach, Baron
71. Schroeders, von
72. Seefeld, Baron
73. Simolin, Baron
74. Stackelberg, Baron
75. Stempel, Baron
76. Stromberg, Baron
77. Taube, Baron
78. Timroth, von
79. Tornouw, Tornau, Baron
80. Tyszkiewicz, Graf
81. Vietinghoff gen. Scheel, Baron
82. Wahl, von
83. Walther-Wittenheim, von
84. Wildemann, von 


Each of the families entered in the Courlandic roll of nobility has its own family register maintained by the Noble Corporation's genealogist. In it, all legitimate descendants and their spouses are entered with the following details:

  • Name
  • first name
  • place and date of birth
  • religious denomination (unless Protestant)
  • profession
  • academic degree
  • professional position or rank
  • place and date of marriage
  • place and date of divorce (if applicable)
  • place and date of death (if applicable)

Additionally, in the case of ladies who have married into these families

  • Father's first name and profession
  • mother's first and maiden names

The genealogist would like to specifically point out that this type of registration does not affect the right to bear a name under public law currently valid in Germany. This registration merely shows that the persons registered are members of the historic nobility on the basis of private law, pursuant to aspects of the laws of the nobility, and does so in a genealogical form.

In order to establish a complete genealogical record of a family, it is necessary to provide the genealogist with all of the above personal data. This considerably facilitates the preparation for the publication of a family's genealogy in the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels. Permit him therefore to make the following request:

Please submit all of the above personal data to the genealogist, and always send him a copy of the printed family announcements - or better yet, a copy of the respective deed. Furthermore, the archive of the Noble Corporation's genealogist cannot do without the newsletters of family associations, the histories of families which have appeared in print, or any family trees or genealogical tables.

Thomas Freiherr v. Dellingshausen

All of the personal data made available is subject to German data protection laws! The data will be handled by myself in accordance with the provisions of said laws, i.e. confidentially, and will be used exclusively for genealogical purposes!


What are family registers for?

  • As proof of being a member of the Noble Corporation
  • As proof of relations or in order to ascertain such kinship
  • In order to prepare the publication of a family's genealogy in the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels
  • As a form of depicting the community the Noble Corporation represents
  • As a survey of the member families of the Courlandic Noble Corporation available at any time
  • The deceased members are unforgotten members of the Noble Corporation's community


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Publication in the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels


Currently, the genealogist of the Courlandic Noble Corporation is preparing the genealogies of the following member families of the Courlandic Noble Corporation for publication in one of the next editions of the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels:

  • Bönninghausen gen. Budberg, Baron
  • Funck, Baron
  • Launitz, v. der and Schmidt v. der Launitz
  • Komorowski, Graf (Count)
  • Orgies gen. Rutenberg, Baron
  • Raczynski, Graf (Count)
  • Römer, de and Romer
  • Rosenberg, Baron
  • Rummel, von
  • Schlippenbach, Baron
  • Taube, Baron (Courlandic branch)
  • Mohl, v.der (Count) (extinct)

Any help (such as the submission of data, supplying the names of family members, notification of pertinent literature etc.) is most gratefully received by

Thomas Freiherr v. Dellingshausen

E-mail: genealoge-kurland "at"

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